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Some commonly asked questions:
Q: What causes the thick crust in my septic tank?
A: The crusting in organic material that has congealed into a solid     
     mass. This condition is dangerous and indicates a bacterial          
    deficiency. Your tank needs pumping and enzymes to avoid future
Q: Will acid help my septic system?
A:  Acids and chemicals work only temporarily. They are extremely
dangerous to use and are harmful to the environment. The
Environmental Protection Agency has already banned the use of
these hazardous materials in many areas.
Q: What about yeast and baking soda?
A: Yeast merely provides a fermentation environment. It does not
provide bacteria. Baking soda raises the pH in the tank. Again, no
bacteria is provided, and raising the pH too much can actually
harm the septic process.
Q: My system recently backed up for the first time in years. Why
should I start maintaining it now?
A: A backup is the first sign of septic system failure. You will be lucky
to go another six months without another backup. Enzymes will
help reverse the clogging trend. If you don't start a maintenance
program right away, you will be replacing your system soon.

Sluggish drainage in the home
.Plumbing backups
.Gurgling sound in pipes and drains
.Outdoor odor
.Mushy ground or greener grass in area of septic system

Improper placement (in area of poor drainage)

Improper installation (not according to septic codes)

Overloading - use water sparingly. Do only full loads of wash at
off-peak times, if possible. Do not put kitchen grease down the
drain. Do not flush cigarette butts,sanitary napkins, or other
inorganic materials down the toilet.

Garbage disposals - ground up foodstuffs are especially hard on
the septic system because they are not digested first by the
human body. Any septic system that receives garbage grindings
needs the extra help of enzymes to break down these solids.

Water softeners - salts and chemicals will damage the septic tank.
If possible, channel washing machine and waste from the water
softeners into separate disposal area (such as a drywell).

Tree roots clogging pipes - ask your septic contractor about this
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